Thursday, December 9, 2010

Festivus for the Rest of Us!

So we bought the heaviest, thickest Christmas tree this year. We were checking out at Lowe's with the tree in tow only to realize that it had approximately a trunk diameter of 57 inches. Which required the purchase of a new tree stand to accommodate such a tree. Behold the the mighty Christmas tree with unintended cool HTC incredible lighting effect. And yes as you can tell by the picture Bonnie has been getting lots of quality sleep as of late. Lots. Quality. Sleep.

Dad was also kind enough to be of service to help with the outside Christmas lights. Strike that, Dad was kind enough to be of slave labor to help with the outside Christmas lights. By the way Dad, they haven't fallen down yet! Enjoy the majestic scenery that is the Middle Mullen Casa!

Since the exact moment we moved into the house, Bonnie has always been saying, "we should get Christmas lights for the house" or "wouldn't the house look pretty with Christmas lights" or "I hope when Max comes home that we will have Christmas lights on the house" or perhaps my favorite one which is closest to the truth, "you should put lights on the house and I will pick them out." Behold what joy $18 Walmart dollars and zip ties can provide. Speaking of money things, all your Christmas presents may get an upgrade if this guy comes and pays for the truck. I think I have him talked into paying twice what I paid for it. The amazing thing is that he came to me wanting the truck, I didn't even advertise for it. Yet another Festivus miracle. He must have noticed the sweet new dubs I put on the truck. Ole' Beater drives like a Cadillac now, slightly out of balance Cadillac with a clogged fuel filter and possibly dying fuel pump but a Cadillac none the less.

God bless us everyone!

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