Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogencense and Myrrh

The Wee Mullens have been preparing well for Christmas. We have a Seussian Christmas tree with a crooked star, a not-so-neutered puppy, and the interracial commitment that bolstered Mary and Black Joseph's strength of will in bringing us the Reason for the Season. All of which is featured in this delightful photo, soon to be featured in our outgoing Christmas letters.

Today, Summer came to the bedside, whereupon she began to sing the good news that a MullenBlog was born. She explained we need only follow the GoogleMailstar in the East. Lorekeepers of the sky that we are, I hopped out of bed with my usual morning cheer and logged on immediately. Lo and Behold, my two Wise Brothers had already made offerings to the babe MullenBlog. Summer, with patience and love, explained that I was fat and lazy and needed to keep up. And so I come, offering Blogencense and Myrrh.

Summer and I did not put up Christmas lights this year. But not to be outdone by my brothers, I too would like to share a story about the Christmas lights that I did not put up this year:

It was a cold, wintry morning in Hawaii. But Michael greeted the day the day with a smile, and was eager to not put up his favorite string of Christmas lights. So he didn't go outside, and lean his trusty ladder against the house. He didn't hum a gay assortment of tunes to himself while he spread bright bulbs of color across his house like a young god pleased with the toil of scattering stars. Nor did he suddenly fall off the ladder, breaking his collar bone in two different places! No, this Christmas, Michael didn't lay suffering in a front lawn powdered with fresh, Hawaiian snow. But Michael did do the one thing he might have if such a rain of catastrophe came down from a cruel Christmas sky. He did consume seven cartons of egg nog before 9 December, 2010. Merry Christmas!

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